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Yes, our Cotton Range and our Poly-Blend face masks have 3 LAYERS. 

Yes. We have filters in both adult and kids sizes. These are available on our filter product page.

Yes, the following ranges have metal nose wires/sheets: Cotton RangeLace and Lightweight + Breathable

Because they're in contact with our mouths and skin, face masks tend to get grubby with everyday use (and that's without factoring in make-up smears!).

To keep your masks fresh + hygienic, we recommend having at least one spare on hand.

That way you can wear one plus have others in the laundry basket or drying at the same time.

We recommend washing your face masks in the washing machine or, for more delicate fabrics such as silk, hand washing.


We recommend a cold to warm machine wash with clothes of a similar colour.

HANDY TIP: to help prevent snares, place masks with ear-loops in a lingerie washing bag.


For our more delicate silk, silk-blend or sequin masks, we recommend hand washing in lukewarm water. While silk can be washed in the washing machine, it is a delicate material and can shrink in hot water or be damaged by the spin cycle.

1/4 fill your sink or bucket with warm water, dissolving a dash of detergent as you go.

Hand rinse your masks, giving them a good rub to get those suds sudsing and the fabric cleaned all the way through, rinsing with fresh water as you go.

Give your mask one more rinse in fresh, warm water, to ensure the suds are completely rinsed.


Hang to dry in a warm, dry area of your house - in direct sunlight is ideal.🌞 To avoid fading, dry face side-up. 


For removal of make-up or other stains, we recommend a bar of Australian Sard Wonder Soap (no affiliation).

The Victorian State Government recommends cloth masks should be washed each day after use.

If your mask becomes visibly dirty or wet during the day, its recommended to discontinue wearing it and to ensure it's washed. Re-using a cloth mask without washing is risky, because it can become contaminated or may not be as effective in protecting you or others.

Ref: dhhs.vic.gov.au/face-masks-vic-covid-19

Facemasker Australia is 100% Australian Owned.

Our face masks are currently manufactured at overseas locations.

We are seeking Australian suppliers. If you're an Australian face mask supplier, please get in touch as we have a demand for Australian Made face masks and we'd love to support local businesses!

We understand many customers would prefer to use Afterpay or Klarna for payment.

We have approached both Afterpay and Klarna several times over the past 12 months, to ask them to partner with us.

Both Afterpay and Klarna are unwilling to partner with us, despite us having shipped more than 4000 orders so far. This is disappointing and we will continue to follow it up.

However, we are very happy to say the legends at Zip (an Aussie owned company) partnered with us without hesitation and we offer Zip Pay for our after-pay option!

For more information about Zip Pay, please see here.

For customers who are currently experiencing longer than normal delays with their parcels, we do apologise.

Whilst this is beyond our control, we do understand your frustration.

We do also see AusPost's side of things; they are short staffed and have less plane flights available, due to the current Delta outbreak.

On top of that, AusPost are currently experiencing the largest parcel volumes in their history.

AusPost have announced that they are currently trying to clear this backlog.

For more information, please click here to view a Channel 9 News segment providing more detail.

Please also note: commencing Friday 10 September, our Facemasker team will proactively check through every single customer for the past few weeks to check the status of their delivery.

If delayed, we will proactively lodge a late enquiry with AusPost.

We have actually turned our advertising completely off so we can focus entirely on Customer Service and keep our current customers informed about any delays, rather than to continue selling.

If you are a customer with a delayed parcel, please check your inbox and junk mail, in case we have tried to contact you with an update. Often our emails can arrive in junk mail, so it's best please to also check there.

If you haven't heard from us yet, it will most likely be because we haven't got to you yet on our check sheet. This is a large list of customers (1500+) that we have to check the tracking to see if orders are delayed or not.

However please rest assured we are working on it and will be lodging late enquires and reaching out to you with a reference number for the enquiry in the coming 7 days.

Your patience is very much appreciated during these challenging times.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.